International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

International Groomer of the Year Award Nominations

You are invited to nominate a candidate for International Groomer of The Year sponsored by Arctic Cat.

The International Groomer of the Year program was developed with the cooperation of the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Arctic Cat opens external (non-ISHOF maintained) web link to give credit to a groomer operator who has put so much of his time, energy and devotion to the providing smooth trails for the rest of us enjoy. They are seldom recognized for all they do for snowmobiling.

Each year, the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame requests nominations for this award and asks for your assistance in finding these unsung heroes. We cannot recognize all of the dedicated individuals but do our best to chose a very deserving groomer. Nominations, which will be accepted annually until April 1, are requested.  If you would like to nominate and sponsor someone who has earned and deserves this honor, please let us know.

Please submit your letter of nomination with the following criteria to include:

1. Nominee's name
2. Where they reside (include their home mailing address)
3. Nominee's phone number (home/cell recommended)
4. Reason and description/details of why you are nominating them such as:
  - Length of time grooming
  - Special award(s) received
  - Programs started or chaired
  - Other special achievements
5. Letters of recommendation
6. Photograph(s) of them grooming (include equipment used, etc.)
7. Color photograph suitable for framing (8" x 10" recommended)
8. Name, address and phone of individual/organization making the nomination

The best format to submit the nomination is to use a three-ring binder to contain this information. NOTE: Use clear sheet holders as needed for photos and other items you do not wish to punch holes into.

Send your nomination(s) for International Groomer of the Year to:

International Snowmobile Hall of Fame
ATTN: Groomer of the Year Nomination
1521 North Railroad Street
Eagle River, Wisconsin  54521

Phone: (715) 479-2186


The deadline for submission is April 1 for current year consideration. That person is then honored in September at the ISHOF induction ceremony held annually in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

ISHOF will choose a nominee (from all VALID and COMPLETE nominations received prior to the April 1 deadline) for the award who, as part of the award, will receive the use of an Arctic Cat snowmobile for the coming riding season, with option to purchase it at the end of the season.  In addition, the chosen nominee is provided a FREE Arctic Cat Winter jacket.  In further recognition, a photo and honor plaque is then added to the International Groomer of the Year display at the World Snowmobile Headquarters in Eagle River, Wisconsin where the recipient joins past winners as a permanent remembrance for their involvement in the sport.