International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

ISHOF Inductees - 2011

Wayne Davis - 2011 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Wayne Davis - Photojournalist
Plymouth, Minnesota

For a fourteen year old, growing up in a snowmobile dealership planted the seed for a lifetime centered around the sport for Davis. He had eight (8) years of successful racing which ended with a crash in 1981 where he broke both arms. When not racing, he had always taken pictures of the races and racers. His camera skills were noticed by Yamaha who later hired him to photograph its snowmobiles for them. Soon, Wayne was shooting photos for all four (4) snowmobile brands, several magazines and other sports activities. In 1982, he gave up his job as a Robotics Engineer and Programmer to pursue his passion of photography. Since that time, Wayne's work has captured and preserved the joy and excitement that is snowmobiling and snowmobile racing for future generations. He has been knocked down, run over, caught in avalanches, lost in whiteouts and suffered frozen fingers, but keeps coming back with a smile. His passion for snowmobiling shows in his integrity and professionalism.

Bill Manson - 2011 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Bill Manson - Volunteer
Rockford, Michigan

Soon after being introduced to snowmobiles and following a vision that snowmobiles would someday develop into the great recreational industry that it has become, Bill became active in organized snowmobiling. He was instrumental in the forming of the Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) in 1982 that merged three (3) groups into one. Bill worked his way up through all phases and positions of MSA and is now their Executive Director. He has been instrumental in creating milestones for the snowmobiling community and has accomplished goals that many aspire to achieve. These achievements are both on the state level and national levels in chairing several committees and organizations. Bill was named International Snowmobiler of the Year in 1990 and, in 1995, selected as Michigan Snowmobiler of the Year. Through Bill's guidance, Winter tourism within the state of Michigan has flourished.

Les Pinz - 2011 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Les Pinz - Volunteer
Isle, Minnesota

Few people can count 46 years of snowmobile enthusiasm. Les is one who can. It was in 1964, on a Polaris Lil Andy when he got his start in snowmobiling. Soon the family started a snowmobile dealership selling Polaris and Scorpion. From 1966 through 1976 Les raced both Polaris and Scorpion snowmobiles, winning high point honors several years and a World Series Class Championship in 1971. He has been a local club member for 37 years and has served in all offices of the club. His current title is Historian and is well deserved as Les has a collection of over 100 antique and vintage sleds. These include prototypes from Polaris, Scorpion and Arctic Cat. Les takes great pride in helping others with his vast knowledge of most of the brands. He spends many enthusiastic hours teaching about the history of snowmobiling. His knowledge of the inventing, testing and manufacturing is vast.

Gordon Radtke - 2011 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Gordon Radtke - Industry
Wausau, Wisconsin

Almost 30 years ago, Gordy was hired by Bombardier / Ski-Doo in their Service Department. It helped that he was a snowmobiler and very passionate about the sport. The Company quickly realized his talents, technological knowledge and communication skills. Gordy has been instrumental in the education and dissemination of Ski-Doo technology and service information to dealers, technicians and the media. His knowledge of the product and his ability to educate and inform are of the highest level. Gordy is the go-to person when a service problem or question arises and he is willing to help all snowmobilers who call on his wealth of knowledge about their sleds.

Trailmates Snowmobile Club - 2011 Snowmobile Club of the Year and Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Trailmates Snowmobile Club
ISHOF Snowmobile Club of the Year 2011
Wausau, Wisconsin

Formed in 1968, Trailmates Snowmobile Club has over 150 active volunteer member families promoting the club, snowmobiling and engaged in numerous civic and charitable causes.  Club members groom 80 miles of trails with their two (2) large trail groomers and, in 1994, built a 40' x 72' club shed to house its groomers.  The club shed also serves as its monthly meeting location and a popular starting point for snowmobilers to ride the other 804 miles of County trails.  A large kitchen inside the Club Shed serves the 280+ landowners a special Appreciation Dinner each year which continues a 42 year tradition for the Club. Additionally, Trailmates Snowmobile Club has hosted the annual Wausau Snowmobile Grass Drags & Swap Meet event for over twenty (20) years with the volunteer help from its many members, their families and local and regional sponsors. Powersports vendors, racers and those with snowmobile and/or ATV related products to sell or swap come from many Midwestern US states and Canada arriving at the event every year attracting many local enthusiasts as well as those from all around the region seeking to watch fast action snowmobile racing on grass and purchase related goods and services. The event continues to be Wisconsin's largest snowmobile and ATV/UTV swap meet and receives favorable fan reviews and mentions on various travel sites, in local media and among the many community powersports forums and social sites.  The Club continues to make social and charitable donations to local and regional organizations.  For more information on Trailmates Snowmobile Club and its events, visit external (non-ISHOF maintained) web link