International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

ISHOF Inductees - 2002

Tom Anderson - 2002 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Tom Anderson - Promoter and Journalist    
Madison, Wisconsin

Tom became interested in snowmobiles around 1971 and started his publishing career from the basement of his home with a magazine called "The Hummer" and continued as its Publisher through 1986 and Editor through 1992. In 1983, Tom ventured into producing snowmobile shows and retail sale events in a business called Leisure Features which featured snowmobile and ATV shows popular with powersports enthusiasts and their families. The shows, held each Fall and Spring, continue to draw thousands of consumers and displayers. Tom was also instrumental in lobbying for a portion of the gas tax dollars for the state snowmobile program, increasing snowmobile registration fees and improving trespassing laws all of which helped the development and maintenance of Wisconsin's trail system and creation of responsible snowmobile legislation. Tom has served on numerous industry organizations including the International Snowmobile Media Council, American Council of Snowmobile Associations and the Blue Ribbon Coalition. He was instrumental in the formation of Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) and was an active member from 1975 to 1985. He has been promoting the snowmobiling at the local, state, national and international levels for many years. He has received numerous awards for his involvement in snowmobiling including induction into the Iron Dog Brigade. Tom's entire family has always been with him in support of his efforts to promote snowmobiling.

Bud Knapp - 2002 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Ernol "Bud" Knapp - Snowmobile Historian
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Bud started his interest in snowmobiling in 1965 and is internationally known for his vast personal wealth of information along with his well known library related to snowmobiling. Bud's library may be the largest collection of printed matter in the world pertaining to the history of snowmobiling. His dedication to snowmobiling has led him to attend snowmobile shows, conventions and congresses in both the United States and Canada. He has served one term each as Vice President and President of the Antique Snowmobile Club of America (ASCOA). Bud helped produce a weekly show featuring old snowmobiles, called "Snowmobile Scene" along with a national television show known as "PM Magazine" which was produced in his home. Bud writes columns and articles for the Michigan Snowmobiler Newspaper, American Snowmobiler Magazine, ASCOA Newsletter, Vintage Club of America Newsletter and the Canada Antique Classic Newsletter. Bud's snowmobile knowledge has earned him the known name of "The Professor" of snowmobiles. He was also a recipient of the Allan Hetteen Memorial Award of Merit by ISHOF in 2002. (more)