International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

ISHOF Inductees - 1998

Roger Lampitt - 1998 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Roger Lampitt - Volunteer
Tacoma, Washington

Roger was introduced to the sport of snowmobiling in1966 when he first rented a snowmobile. He has been actively involved in snowmobiling since then. His association with snowmobiling has since spanned over 30 years. Roger started out with a local snowmobile club as its President then helped with the formation of the Washington State Snowmobile Association in 1973, serving as Vice President, then President from 1975 to 1979. On the national level, he was co-chairman of the International Snowmobile Council (1979-1980) and later become Chairman (1980-1981), all while continuing as Legislative Chairman of his state association. Education along with legislation are Roger's success stories having led legislative campaigns that favored vocational education along with the passage and revision of state snowmobile regulations. Being appointed to the Governors Advisory Council gave him the opportunity to promote winter recreation cooperation between all outdoor recreationalists, whether they be organized or not, including non-motorized groups. His skills as a speaker and auctioneer keep him in demand for not only his state association, but neighboring states and provincial organizations. He was also one of the snowmobile leaders that helped establish the American Council of Snowmobile Organizations and brought the National Snowmobile Foundation to the forefront after a period of dormancy. Named U.S. Snowmobiler of the Year in 1986, Roger has attended 23 International Snowmobile Congresses. He is a past President of the Iron Dog Brigade and was instrumental in establishing the organizations' Western Chapter Belt Buckle Promotion and Auction. The annual event continues to raise money for college scholarships to deserving youths. As President of the Iron Dog Brigade, Roger created the associate membership, allowing for new members while preserving the thoughts and actions of the founders.

Victor Wood - 1998 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Victor Wood - Trail and Program Administrator
Northfield, Vermont

When asked by the state of Vermont to be the first state wide Snowmobile Trails Program Coordinator, Victor sold his insurance business and took the position. At Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) he coordinated the Trails Program which was funded by local snowmobile clubs. His program included detailed construction, grooming procedures, grooming contract bidding specifications, bridge building guidelines and the necessary funding for the local clubs to pursue these options. Victor lead an "all volunteer" labor force and built the Vermont trail system as it exists today. Victor wrote and published the State Snowmobile Trail Program Procedures Manual, secured the necessary funding for construction projects and grooming procedures and managed the program into one of the best trails systems in North America. In 1987, Victor was hired to set up and plan a snowmobile trails program for the State in New York. Victor was responsible for and accomplished the following in New York: designed, wrote, and implemented the Master Trail Plan, Adult and Young Snowmobiler Safety Training Courses, Law Enforcement training program and annual training course, designed and instituted standard trail signing procedures, Trail Funding reimbursement program, the first New York State trail map, established the State Commissioner's Snowmobile Advisory Council, groomer's seminar and designed a reporting system for snowmobile accidents. On the national level, Victor is also one of the key members of the North East Chapter of the International Association of Snowmobile Administrators (NE IASA). In this capacity, he has made improvements to communication on snowmobile topics to state level administrators. He is leading an effort to standardize the trail signing throughout the Northeastern states and is also working diligently to complete the fledgling NEST trail that will connect all the northeastern states and provinces. He was named Most Valuable Snowmobiler by Snowmobile Magazine in 1982. Victor's work in Vermont and New York has a noticeable and lasting improvement to snowmobiling in the Northeast. His reputation exceeds far beyond his official duties, into the grassroots snowmobile community and also into some of his community volunteer associations.

James Smail - 1998 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

James L. Smail - Trail and Program Developer
Lander, Wyoming

Jim started snowmobiling in 1964 and still has the same enthusiasm and love for the sport some fifty (50) years later. As Snowmobile Trails Coordinator for the State of Wyoming, Jim's goal was to provide a truly safe and enjoyable experience for local and visitor trail users. As a club member, volunteer trail worker, groomer operator, snowmobile safety instructor and Ski-Doo dealer, Jim had the experience to work with many of the State and Federal agencies, environmental and recreation groups and private landowners. Jim helped coordinate volunteers and contractors that provided grooming, signing and maintenance to the trail system. Working with the Wyoming Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail Association, Jim was responsible for helping the organization in getting access through National Forests and National Parks. Jim was heavily involved in the beginning of local clubs and the state association. Among some of his other experiences, Jim was one of the first people to snowmobile over vast parts of the massive Wind River Mountain Range, was one of Wyoming's first snowmobile dealers and promoted the riding of snowmobiles when most people never even heard of them. Jim worked as both a mechanic and a racer when the sport just started and while doing that, pioneered many new mechanical advances in his machines that he hoped might be added to future machines. Throughout Wyoming, Jim could be counted on to help people out as they learned to snowmobile. In an area where people wanted to limit the use of snowmobiles, Jim demonstrated why such limits did not make any sense. He has been a leader and a steady force in getting that message out to the public, always speaking as a true snowmobiler with experience as he has ridden 10,000-13,000 miles each year. Jim has been one of the region's outstanding leaders in snowmobiling.  He was also involved in the promotion and formation of the Leader Snowdrifters and the Wyoming State Association. Jim is always going the extra mile to promote snowmobiling.