International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

ISHOF Inductees - 1994

Harry Paul - 1994 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Harry C. Paul - Promoter
Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA

At a very youthful age, Harry held a variety of jobs in logging, prospecting, fishing and as a Fuller Brush salesman. World War II saw Harry as a bomber pilot and upon returning from the War, he established an air freight business and also flew aircraft for the Saskatchewan Government. It was at this time he founded H. C. Paul, Ltd, a distributorship for chainsaws and outboard motors along with other lines of equipment and merchandise. It was during this period Harry developed his concept of over-the-snow travel known as the "Autoboggan." This primitive machine had its design drawbacks and it was during one of these "minor inconveniences" that Harry met David Johnson of the Roseau, Minnesota based company known as Polaris. After visiting the Polaris plant, Harry secured and marketed a Polaris-built snow machine named after his own creation. Harry was a tireless promoter and set up a vast dealer network throughout Canada. He then predicted the sport of snowmobiling would become the major winter recreation of the future. Thanks to H. D. Paul, Ltd., Polaris was  financially protected from disaster several times.

Ed and Mildred Hedrick - 1994 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Ed and Mildred Hedrick - Volunteers

Ed and Mildred Hedrick are a husband and wife team who truly personify snowmobiling as a family sport. Their association with the sport began over twenty (20) years ago. Both Ed and Mildred are recognized leaders in organized snowmobiling in their home state. They have been in the forefront on legislative issues affecting snowmobiling. To promote the sport to legislators, they have conceived some rather innovative events along with subtle reminders that snowmobilers are a definite political force in Colorado. Mildred's concept, the legislative "Coffee at the Capitol," which precedes each Colorado legislative session, is an excellent opportunity for snowmobilers to present their legislative concerns to their elected representatives. Ed and Mildred have also been active in fighting land closure efforts. They pioneered the state's first charity ride to benefit Multiple Sclerosis (MS). They actively promote snowmobiling in Colorado through Trail Guides and promotional videos. Ed also served as the state's Trail Boss and, with Mildred's assistance, facilitated the marking of existing trails for safety purposes and actively promoted additional trail systems where needed. In 1985, Ed and Mildred were selected the International Snowmobile Industry Association's "U.S. Snowmobile Family of the Year" while that same year Mildred garnered Colorado's prestigious "Snowmobiler of the Year" award. They are also active as advisors to many Federal and State agencies within Colorado on land closure on other snowmobile-related issues.

J.A. Bombardier - 1994 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

J. Armand Bombardier - Inventor / Designer / Manufacturer
Valcourt, Quebec CANADA

Bombardier has a name which is legend in the sport of snowmobiling. His early ideas and design concepts were responsible for many of the innovations on today's machines. He was the founder of Bombardier and manufacturer of the world's first rider-over-tunnel snowmobile considered an extremely radical design feature at the time. Bombardier saw the practical as well as the recreational possibilities associated with easy travel over snow covered terrain. His engineering and design skills resulted in the first mass produced over-the-snow machine. Eventually, the Ski-Doo snowmobile was recognized worldwide as the pioneer design that created the sport of snowmobiling as it is known today. From its rather meager beginnings, Ski-Doo, the brand introduced by Bombardier, is now one of the three (3) North American based snowmobile manufacturers. Also, Bombardier has grown to become one of the ten (10) largest manufacturing companies in Canada. J. Armand Bombardier was a true pioneer in snowmobile design, innovation and manufacturing.