International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Recipients of ISHOF Safety Award of Merit


Al and Jean Seagren - 2004 Award

Al and Jean received this award for their participation and dedication of over 30 years. As safety instructors, they have taught more than 1700 youth and 50 adults. Jean improved the MN DNR's safety slide program to a CD-ROM format presentation and made copies for other clubs and Conservation Officers. As snowmobilers, both Al and Jean are always thinking of ways to enhance the snowmobile safety program for future generations.

Clem Lehrer - 2002 Award

Clem retired and moved to northern Minnesota in the early 1980s. He immediately became involved in snowmobiling buying machines and purchased the necessary gear for himself and his wife. Both joined two (2) local clubs and the state association, then went to work helping to develop a trail system that connected with other trails as well as access to nearby towns, communities and businesses. Clem's expertise as a sign painter became well known to many. His "Burma Shave", Keep Right and information signs started showing up on numerous trails in the area. He was a representative to the Itasca County Snowmobile Alliance where he initiated the first snowmobile trail mile marker and mapping system. He painted hundreds of these signs as well as information signs and then went out and installed them in their proper places. As an added safety factor, the "Burma Shave" signs were placed where riders needed to slow down to read them. The signs have since become famous and have been adopted by many other trails throughout the United States and Canada after he presented the concept to everyone present at the International Snowmobile Congress on two occasions (at his own expense). He developed and was a member of the Itasca County Snowmobile Patrol which helps to make trips more enjoyable for others by handing out maps and suggesting routes of travel. Clem has been the only man allowed into the Women on Snow banquet held in Minnesota. He has been a Firearm Safety Instructor for many years and has been recognized by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. He later became a Snowmobile Safety Instructor and started teaching safety classes in the early 1980s and continued for many years afterward. Clem is a Charter Board Member to the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame, having served on its Board of Directors. He continues to be a valuable contributor to snowmobiling.