International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Recipients of the Allan Hetteen Memorial Award of Merit

Abe Mathews, Sr. - ISHOF recipient of the 2006 Alan Hetteen Memorial Award of Merit

Abe Mathews, Sr. - 2006 Award
Hibbing, Minnesota

Abe Mathews, Sr. from Hibbing, Minnesota manufactured the Trailmaker snowmobile from 1963 to 1965. Abe Mathews owned a steel manufacturing business the, when he purchased Electric Power Door in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mr. John M. Howes also moved with the Company. Howes had been developing an "All Season Vehicle" since 1952 and by 1958 he had acquired several patents for the unique design of the track and internal octagon drive system. Abe's manufacturing business was slow during the early 1960s and snowmobile manufacturing were in its infancy. John Howes was seeking to mass produce this vehicle, a deal was struck and Howes sold his rights to Abe W. Mathews Engineering Company. During the 1962-63 season, they produced over 300 units with marketing be established across the Snowbelt. In the 1963-64 season, over 500 units were built comprising 10% of the total snowmobile market. Then in August 1965, the steel manufacturing business was strong again and the "Trailmaker" division of Abe Mathews Engineering was sold to Boatel Industries. The Trailmaker had many people playing a part of its history. From John Howes' first idea, Abe Mathews for believing in it enough to manufacture and demonstrate it, Gerald Heald as mechanical engineer and William Thayer for setting up dealerships across the Snowbelt, all played a special part in the history of the Trailmaker, an All Season Vehicle.

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Senator Bob Lessard (retired) - ISHOF recipient of the 2004 Alan Hetteen Award of Merit

Senator Bob Lessard (retired) - 2004 Award
International Falls, Minnesota

The Honorable Senator Bob Lessard (retired), from International Falls, Minnesota, was elected to the Minnesota State Senate in 1976. Bob, as an outdoorsman, strongly believed in the privilege of access and use of our States natural resources for recreation. As a member of the Legislative Commission on Natural Resources, Bob was instrumental in securing numerous funds for multiple use trails throughout the State, especially the snowmobile trail infrastructure. Bob has authored many Constitutional Amendments and Bills, many representing his belief for preserving recreation for the future. Senator Lessard was a tireless advocate in the representation of what was right for his constituents and the use of our natural recreational resources, especially his support of snowmobiling. Minnesota United Snowmobile Association named Senator Robert Lessard as the Legislator of the Year Millennium.

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Richard E. Harrison - ISHOF recipient of the 2003 Alan Hetteen Award of Merit

Richard E. Harrison - 2003 Award
Crosby, Minnesota

This Crosby, Minnesota inventor and manufacturer conceived snowmobile concepts and designs; many of which are still used on sleds ridden today. He also created jobs activity in his hometown as a result. From the Trail-A-Sled to the Scorpion snowmobile, Harrison was involved actively as a pioneering spirit from 1957 to 1975.

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Bud Knapp - ISHOF recipient of the 2002 Alan Hetteen Award of Merit

Bud Knapp - 2002 Award
Cedar Springs, Michigan

Snowmobile historian Ernol "Bud" Knapp was the recipient of the second annual Allan Hetteen Memorial Award of Merit. Sponsored by American Snowmobiler magazine, the Hetteen award is presented annually on behalf of the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame in memory of Polaris co-founder and industry pioneer Allan Hetteen. Hetteen, one of three (3) founders of Polaris Industries in 1955, exemplified the traditions of snowmobiling. The award, given in his memory, was presented to Bud Knapp for his selfless efforts in preserving the accurate history of snowmobiling through his involvement with the antique and vintage snowmobile clubs. Bud was known as a one-man snowmobile historical society. He assisted snowmobile collectors around the world in understanding and evaluating the machines and memorabilia of the sport. Known throughout the sport of snowmobiling, Bud has amassed a collection of snowmobile information and materials that is unrivalled in collector circles. Bud Knapp was inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame in 2002 along with Wisconsinite Tom Anderson. (more)

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Susie Scholwin - ISHOF recipient of the 2001 Alan Hetteen Memorial Award of Merit

"Snow Goer Susie" Scholwin - 2001 Award

The inaugural Allan Hetteen Memorial Award of Merit was given to Scholwin for her pioneering work in giving snowmobiling its first special interest magazine devoted to snowmobiling. From 1965 to 1970, Susie's leadership in publishing the first snowmobile magazine united snowmobilers around the world and created a way for snowmobilers to learn about and share their interest in snowmobiling.

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